Two Dimensional Materials

By Ismudiati Puri Handayani

Why we should learn two dimensional (2D) layered materials?  To answer that question, let me tell you several reasons why 2D layered materials have attracted a lot of attention.  First of all,  it is from the application point of view.  Due to their mechanical strengths, the 2D  layered materials are promising for flexible electronics. The tunable optical properties by number of layers modification also offers possibility for optoelectronic devices application. Furthermore their degenerated spins and valleys are tempting for future spintronic and valleytronic technologies.    From fundamental aspect,  the 2D materials also offer intriguing phenomena which can not be observed in three dimensional materials such as quantum confinement and fluctuation, the existence of various excitons as well as their coupling to electron and phonon, and the various possible phase transitions

For illustration, figure 1 displays various types of 2D materials [1] and their possible applications [2].

Figure 1. (a) Various types and (b) The possible application of 2D materials. Figures are copied from Ref [1] and [2]

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